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Girafele au invins!

22 Septembrie 2010


As fi putut sa semnez petitia care solicita sterilizarea cocosului lui tanti Victoria de la etajul 1 sau a hamsterului burlac al lui MihaidinTrust.

Sau as fi putut sa ma alatur marsului de protest in semn de solidaritate cu marmota care a ramas somera pentru ca s-a inventat ambalajul de ciocolata cu fermoar.

Dar in schimb, acum un an, am ales sa desenam girafe si sa le trimitem in Norvegia. Pentru ca mi s-a parut o idee de milioane! De milioane de girafe.

Astazi s-a facut dreptate!

Am primit pe cai oficiale:

„Jorgen was wrong! I made it to a million giraffes!”


You’re getting this email because you gave it to me when you submitted your giraffe for my One Million Giraffes project. And now I’m letting you know that I made it!

It took me 440 days but I can finally tell my friend Jørgen that he was wrong and I am the happiest man alive. It’s been an adventure like none other and I really want to thank everyone who helped me out. It’s mind-blowing to me that people from 102 countries help me out in making internet history! Thank you!!

The website will live on and you can still submit your giraffe if you want to. And maybe you can even find your giraffe in the brand new One Million Giraffes book!

Anyway. Thank you for your time. And your giraffe. If I ever meet you I will give you the hug of your life!

Lots of love from a forever grateful Ola


Nimic nu ne mai sta in cale.

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  1. vera permalink
    23 Septembrie 2010 11:06

    DOMNE, sint in EXTAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Extraordinar de mishto!

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