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The English me

10 May 2011

I haven’t been tagged by Dash but I’ve decided to take this meme anyway.

Getting to know me, inglişli speaking.

1. What is your favourite time of day and why?

During the working days: the five o’clock time when the house is quiet and still bright.

The minutes in the night, before children bed-hour, cuddling with Miru and chatting with Mihu.

During the weekends and vacation: the dawn (I am an early-in-the-morning person) and the dusk (for the colours).

2. Salt or Sugar?

I would say salt (Romania fable “Sarea in bucate” – “The salt in the food” says that love should be as tasty as a salty food.; the salt-free food being, hm, for hospitals).

Honey instead of sugar.

3. Sea or mountains?

Definitively sea. ANY sea. But I’ve heard that there are some sea-and-mountains landscapes. Beton! (sorry, in English: how cool is that?)

4.  What Country would you like to visit and why?

1st – Norway. Tu find the fjords and a red guitar.

2nd – Japan. To see the cherry blossoms, the Fuji and the people.

3rd – Tahiti. To do nothing at all, except for laying down on the sand and watching the ocean. To follow the footsteps of Gaugain (an old love of me). To pay a visit, in the Marchesas, to Jacques Brel (another old love).

5.  Favourite Song?

I really cannot track one in particular. I like all the songs that I can sing myself (Taxi – Stelele care cad, for instance)

6.  Do you cook? What is your favourite dish to make?

I don’t have any choice so yes, I have to cook. Meals for four. My favourite dish to make is the apple-pie. And sometimes pizza.

7.  What is the one thing you want to do before you die?

Travel alone (the lilac forest in Arges Ponoarele; the film festival, New York, many islands, famous cities, go North to see the Northern Lights, go South Pole to see the penguins, go Provence France to see the lavender landscapes).


Make love on the sea.


Get smarter.


all three from above.

8.  Favourite flower?

Lilac. Then freesia.

9.  What 3 words would your friends outside the Blogging World use to describe you?

Different people will tell different things; sometimes even opposite ones (like too serious versus funny or too cold versus kind or bitter versus nice).

Green eyes, long hair.

Quiet so good listener.

Calm (reassuring?).

10.  What five people dead or alive would you invite round for dinner and why?

I am not so good with dinners. I rather eat alone. But still: my grandfather. George RR Martin. All my extheones together with their mums, dads and kids. Sean Connery. Queen Maria of Romania.

11. Who wrote the last book you read and what was the title?

Herma Kennel – Radu Filipescu. Jogging cu securitatea

12.  If a movie was made about your life what would the title be?

Lost in Translation.

13.  What is your favourite hobby?

Collecting shells.

14.  Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?

Definitively coffee.  I drink tea only in the mornings (with honey and lemon)

15.  If you had to choose wine or Champagne and why?

Definitively wine. I don’t like Champagne and anyway one glass makes me dizzy.

16.  How do you order in a restaurant – Look at the dessert then order the main and don’t worry about having room for dessert?

Anytime I order in a restaurant I have to read the whole menu (it’s kinda weird, I know) so I look at dessert offers too. But I’m not a big fan of restaurants’ desserts so I prefer a coffee.


17. Which is your favourite kitchen flavour?


3 Comments leave one →
  1. B.deComp permalink
    11 May 2011 14:41

    Liliac. Padurea de Liliac ? Credeam ca este pe undeva, nu departe de Baia de Arama si Podul lui Dumnezeu.

  2. madelin permalink*
    11 May 2011 17:42

    B.deComp, ai direptate.
    Padurea de liliac de la Ponoarele.
    Ponoarele de Mehedinti.
    Da, langa Podul lui Dumnezeu.
    Io-te, de cata vreme visez la ea am si uitat unde se afla!

  3. 11 May 2011 21:31

    hey Madeline, You have many talents , but the best one of all is your ability to make the day better 4 yourself and everyone around U !
    luv’ya babe 🙂 xxx,j

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