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30 June 2011

Dedicatie pentru CST-Link, Tapirul si BdeComp, care au rezolvat/dixcutat problemele de dinainte de vacanta:


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  1. 30 June 2011 17:55

    Haha, cu tonul lui Cartman de la sfarsitul episodului “Casa Bonita”: Totaly!… :)

    Excelent pentru Re( :) ) si log( :) ). Celelalte: foarte reusite. Mersi! :)

  2. 1 July 2011 08:43

    hihi, io tocmai pe alea nu le pricep

  3. madelin permalink*
    3 July 2011 09:39

    Cica “a mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems”

  4. B.deComp permalink
    3 July 2011 12:54

    Nice pi-g-ture !

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