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Amintiri la 10 ani

23 July 2011

Imi amintesc cum stateam cu Ana in banca si vorbeam mereu cu ea.

Imi amintesc cand am fost la Bucov si ne jucam cu avionul Ralucai si i-a cazut unui copil in cap.

Imi amintesc cand a cazut tabla.

Imi aduc aminte cum ne bateam cu apa rece in tabara de vara.

Imi amintesc cand am fost la fabrica de suc si cei de acolo ne-au dat 2 sucuri la fiecare.

Imi amintesc cand am fost la biserica in vizita si ne-am jucat o ora pe poienita.

Imi amintesc cand Ioana a daramat protectia de la bec si era sa-i sa-i cada lui Razvan in cap.

Imi amintesc cand am fost la Palatul Cotroceni.

Imi amintesc prima zi de scoala cand aveam parul ca Veronica.


Dear Spring Fairy,

I am happy now because spring is coming. The sun is on the sky. It is like an orange. Outside it is warm and the children are playing a lot of games. The girls are very happy because the flowers are full of flowers. Now they are are playing spring games like hide-and-seek and they are taking care of Mary’s garden because she is travelling a lot. Now my nice mother bakes an apple pie for my party. My friends are very happy because of the sping holiday. I don’t have a sister but I want only two. My dad is happy because the grass is green. I have a brother. He isn’t very happy because our parent shuted at him. My grandpa is in the mountains. It’s raining there and the wind is blowing. I hope that he will bring me some chocolate (io: the wind? hihi). I went to buy a lot of nice toys for my best friend. Good bye! Love, Miruna

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