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Descoperiri epocale

3 August 2011

Amân si astazi articolul despre cersetori.

Penca am descoperit America.

Care este ea evrika! Or so.

Unu la mana:

Doi la mana: am aflat ca se demonstreaza matematic de ce sunt o amânătoare.


A Canadian academic named Professor Piers Steel, himself a chronic procrastinator, spent 10 years on the study while trying not to play computer games instead, and came up with an equation to figure out why we put things off so much.

The Formula:

Here, U is the desirability of the task, E is the confidence that you will succeed at it, V is the value of completing it, I is the task’s immediacy or availability and D is your sensitivity to delay.

Consider for example the prospect of studying for a big exam. We’ll put your confidence at 5 because you haven’t actually been to any lectures this semester. The value of the task can be 5, too, because reading about third-year accounting rips your soul through your nasal passages. Immediacy can be set to 2 because you know you’re going to have to invest the entire night in it, and delay sensitivity we’ll put at 10 because even the drapes have a good chance of distracting you at this point. Crunch the numbers through Steel’s formula and we see the desirability of this task is about 1.25.

La mine ar fi cu dusul la pilates, de ex. Rezultat: 1.25

Alternatively, you could read the entire back catalog of […] articles. We’ll set your confidence in being able to read […] for 12 hours at about 1,000. The value of doing so we can also assume is 1,000. The availability can be 1,000 because you’re already here. We’ll say your sensitivity to delay is just 1, because you really feel like heating up some Pop Tarts and reading […]. 1,000 x 1,000/1,000 x 1 = 1,000, which is almost 1,000 times higher than your desire to study for your accounting finals.

Aiciea, la mine ar fi tumblr, momental. Rezultat: 1000.

Math! It’s on our side (7 Questions You Didn’t Know Could Be Answered With Math)

Deci nu sunt io de vina, da? Sa n-avem vorbe.

Si trei la mana.

Astazi, pe la 6 jumate trecute fix de dimineata, am emis in gand, catre mine, aceasta butada vag chicioasa: veatza e mai mult lata decat lunga.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. catherine permalink
    3 August 2011 20:10

    1 şi 2 amuzante. 3, adâncă rău! ca şi stima-mi pentru a dvs. minte luminată, duamnă!

  2. 4 August 2011 14:38

    si pentru ca viata nu e lunga, hai sa o facem lata.

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