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Diamond Jubilee concert la Buckingham

5 June 2012

“You know you have made it when you can stage a concert with 70k people in your front garden!”

Am gasit, gratie tumblr, un stream online la care am privit aseara concertul de la Londra, in direct (un omulet din cele 17 milioane).

M-am amuzat, ca si la defilarea de pe Tamisa, sa privesc directul in tandem cu cetitul postarilor de pe un cont de twitter, de data asta “jubileeconcert“. Foarte postmodernist dar, in acelasi timp vintage, parca eram intr-o sala de cinema in adolescenta mea optzecista, cand vecinii de scaune strigau tare “pup-o, maaa!” iezapt in momentul culminant.

Deci, telegrafic, a fost cam asa:

“Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince Harry and Edward and Sophie have arrived”

“The crowd seem to be singing let me entertain U rather better than Robbie Williams ”

“Get Brian May out of the Royal Box and onto the stage this second. There’s only so much Jessie J a Queen can take”

“Will.I.Am needs to learn tuning”

“Her husband is in hospital and she’s having to listen to JLS; God Save The Queen”

“Gary Barlow was originally going to be performing with a tribal woman from Africa… But Cheryl Cole attacked her”

“BTW how did Coldplay get out of this one?”

“Miranda Hart introduced herself as Miranda.I.Is and thought Kanye West was a tube stop”

“We love Miranda. We don’t love Cheryl Cole ruining a cracking Lady Antebellum song”

“This is the same set Cliff Richard did for Queen Victoria”

“Not long until Slayer!”

“Fact: Lang Lang was inspired to play classical piano by an episode of Tom & Jerry”

“The look of disappointment on my kids faces that ‘Lang Lang’ isn’t actually a performing panda is pretty priceless”

“But where’s the Queen?”

“Alfie Boe ruining Cheryl’s plan to blame awful singing on ‘the sound system'”

“Someone’s just fisted classical music. And it wasn’t me”

“Jools and Ruby dubstepping”

“Lenny Henry is like the Emile Heskey of comedy”

“So here we have Grace Jones nailing her vocal while spinning a hula-hoop and Cheryl Cole couldn’t sing standing still?”

“Grace Jones wishing Her Maj a “happy birthday” was the icing on the hula-hopping, box o’frogs cake there”

“Wills, Kate and Harry look a little bored”

“Ed Sheeran is what Prince Harry would look like if he grew up on a council estate”

“Nothing like a song about drugs and hookers to get a Royal party going, nice one Ed”

“But lately her face seems, slowly sinking wasting, crumbling like pastry”. Bit harsh Ed, she’s 86 after all”

“After that, I thought Ed Sheeran would at least be spinning plates”

“Annie Lennox coming as Diana is a bit disrespectful?”

“You cannot, CANNOT, wear fake angel wings past the age of…I don’t know…five?”

“Is this a sodding fancy dress competition or something?”

“Watching jubileeconcert, when’s Nightwish coming on?!”

“Mike Tindall is probably thinking how much better this would be with booze and dwarves. He’s not alone”

“Someone who can actually sing and is a total legend. Love a bit of Tom Jones ”

“The Queen has been on the throne long enough to remember when Lenny Henry was funny”

“The Queen has just arrived at the jubileeconcert”


“Ok the Queen’s cape is SUBLIME!!!!!”

“her Maj rocking the same cape for Cecil Beaton portrait – think its 60’s”

“You’ve just missed Tom Jones, ma’am”

“Are Rolf Harris and Colonel Sanders the same person?”

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing Robbie Williams he was a bit like Frank Sinatra”

“Sing is just beautiful, nice work Barlow and all”

“This song is called “sing”. That’s also what Gary Barlow was shouting at Cheryl Cole during their duet”

“In honesty i think Lloyd Webber’s done very well. Its his first song in years not to have the ‘Love Never Dies’ melody”

“Gareth Malone really, really wants to be The Doctor, doesn’t he? ”

“all those Nairobi kids are Madonna’s?”

“No, Rob Brydon, Gran doesn’t have an iPod, she has a onePod”

“Cliff Richard, Rolf Harris, Tom Jones and now Shirley Bassey, there’s a retirement home somewhere that needs new security ”

“Why is Kylie dressed as the cop from The Village People? ”

“Ok, Camilla, stop pole dancing to Kylie Minogue. You’ll put your back out again”

“Seriously, imagine if 50 Cent just walked on now and sang Candy Shop to the Queen. Just imagine”

“Prince Harry is laughing cute and Kate is waving the flag”

“Rob Brydon: I want to see the Mexican wave from the back of the Mall to the front”

“#ThatAwkwardMoment when a Mexican Wave fails in front of a million people. #JubileeConcert”

“Riverdance. The Queen looks exceptionaly bored”

“More popera from Archie and Renee Flaming singing Somewhere from West Side Story on the balcony”

“Did Rolf Harris really have to look at the cue card to remember Elton Johns name? Lol. Priceless”

“Elton John. From one queen to another”

“Archbishop of Canterbury in the Royal Box, trying desperately hard not to enjoy the man in a glitter pink jacket”

“Has anyone ever seen Elton sing I’m Still Standing when he’s not sitting on his ‘arris?”

“If Elton John had any balls, he’d sing the Diana version of Candle on the Wind”

“Didn’t realise Anne Robinson was this good on the piano”

“Just double checked and, yes, they did manage to keep Diana out of that Beautiful Day montage”

“thanks God Bono is not here, his ego would be greater than Charles’ cause they used U2 medley to accompany the montage”

“Am I the only one in UK not being able to follow Rolf’s Two Little Boys?”

“Rolf Harris warming up for Lord Stevie Wonder is one of the worst musical atrocities I’ve ever witnessed”

“The yanks obviously haven’t understood this ‘jubilee’ nonsense… Another happy birthday! WTF!!”

“Stevie & Will.I.Am: Diamond Jubilee – Yes. Birthday – No. Are we clear now? ”

“Peter Kay on suggestion Tony Christie might be on next: “It’s the diamond jubilee, not happy hour at Centre Park””

“Stevie Wonder plays ‘Very superstitious’ and the camera cuts to the Archbishop of Canterbury! ROFL”

“Queen is not amused – wearing earplugs your majesty?”

“Happening: Madness on the roof of Buckingham Palace, love hearts blazing across, Queen smiling”

“One’ house on One’s street”

“Animation/projections are amazing!”

credit Getty Images

“Apparently a lady called Layla at Trunk Animation is to thank for the incredible Buckingham Palace projections”

“The Queen is NOT laughing at these black jokes Lenny Henry!”

“if Sir Paul does Hey Jude, I’m killing the kitten”

“Come on McCartney, open with Live and let Die”

“Prince Charles: Text from Ringo Starr: “Thanks for the invite. Not!”

“Is it me or does Paul McCartney look like Gillian McKeith? ”

“Paul McCartney looks like that giant tortoise from The Neverending Story”

“Watching the Archbishop of Canterbury singing ‘All My Loving’ – words (and this is a very rare occurrence) fail me”

“It is as payment for this performance that the Queen sends the time-traveler Mark Chapman to assassinate John Lennon”

“Prince Harry just wants to dance, I can sense it”

“Why didn’t Adele get involved?”

“Somewhere in London, Danny O’Donoghue is wearing a tuxedo, waiting by the phone for his invitation, and weeping softly”

“Live and Let Die? Really? For an 86yr old woman whose husband’s in hospital?”

“If David Bowie doesn’t make an appearance soon, I am writing a letter to Points of View.”

“The last time Macca saw so many happy people waving flags was when he told his family he was divorcing Heather”

“o-bla-di, o-bla-da”

“the befeeter sings: We are family, I’ve got all my sisters with me”

“The Queen is on stage! she’s gonna do ‘i dreamed a dream'”

“Your Majesty, says Charles, your Majesty,…, moomey…”. Faza cu mummy a facut-o si regina Elisabeta, pe vremuri :))

David Parker/AFP/GettyImages

“Prince Charles pays heartfelt tribute to ‘Her Majesty….Mummy’ at Diamond Jubilee Concert”

“This is one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard Prince Charles give. Completely befitting of the mood”

“Great roar for Prince Philip – marvellous! the Queen looks touched”

“hip, hip, hooray!”

“yeap, clasic, nobody seems to know the second vers in the National anthem”

“I see the set of The Crystal Maze hasn’t gone to waste. Queen is better than Indian Jones”

“Camilla shall now light the diamond jubilee cigarette from that flame”

“ah yes, projecting the French flag on Buckingham Palace, so very British”

“Judging by Buckingham Palace it looks like Cameron and Clegg have let the French invade”


Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

“Ok, London, sod off home orderly. Or one shall be forced to release the corgis”

credit Getty Images


Pas cu pas

Poze (aici, aici, aici, aici, aici)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. 6 June 2012 17:14

    Mie mi-au placut sincer FFFF mult artificiile. Asa artificii misto cum au fost astea dupa concertul asta de Jubileu de Diamant nu au fost nici la Sidney de Anul Nou pe ultimii 12 ani, de la Revelionul 2000 incoace, (ca in UK alea de Revelion nu au fost niciodata cine stie ce).

    • 6 June 2012 17:20

      Ma gandeam ca daca de pe net mi s-au parut asa de misto, daramite cum ar fi fost sa fiu acolo ! Aici in Norvegia de Anul Nou dureaza mult artificiile, peste 35 de minute, dar sunt relativ modeste ca spectacol, si nu au artificii de ziua lor nationala.

  2. madelin permalink*
    6 June 2012 19:17

    Am pus o poza, de control 🙂

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