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Diamond Jubilee aprinderea facliilor

6 June 2012

Peste 4200 de faclii s-au aprins in Marea Britanie, Insulele Canalului, Insulele Man, Commonwealth si Teritoriile britanice de peste mari, luni 4 iunie, in continuarea celebrarii jubileului de diamant al reginei Elisabeta aII-a a Marii Britanii.

Programul oficial al aprinderii de faclii 2012: the very first was lit in the town of Blenheim in Marlborough on the northernmost tip of New Zealand’s South Island, then it was lit in Tonga, by scouts, and other notable beacons included ones in Treetops in Kenya, where Prince Elizabeth woke up as Queen, the Cape of Good Hope, Falklands Islands and Gibraltar. Then in Britain and a number of Commonwealth realms, including Canada, Australia and Barbados.



Isle of Man

Isle of Wight


Tristan de Cuhna, cea mai indepartata insula din Commonwealth

Kenya – acolo unde, pe 6 februarie 1952 Elisabeta s-a trezit regina, afland, plecata fiind in turneu, ca tatal ei, regele George, murise



Tara Galilor

Knipe Scar

Noua Zeelanda





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