Cum ma vede internetul pe mine


Refers to the extent to which you prefer novelty to convention. People who like the same things as you would describe themselves as: intellectually curious, you appreciate beauty wherever you see it.

You may consider yourself to have a vivid imagination which makes you more creative than most. On the web, you’re quick to try new sites but will also quickly move on.

62% openess

Words that describe you – curious, creative, sensitive, individualistic.


This describes how organised (or flexible) your approach to life is. People who enjoy similar things to you would describe themselves as: impulsive and proud of it.

From your response you’re able to make quick decisions and faster than most. You’re always fun to be with as long as you’re not expected to achieve much. On the web, you’re the person who finds links to funny pictures and videos.

13% conscientiousness

Words that describe you – laid back, flexible, less goal driven, procrastinator.


This aspect of your personality reflects the extent to which you enjoy company and seek excitement and stimulation. People who enjoy similar things to you would describe themselves as: someone who enjoys social occasions but they’re not essential.

Sometimes you enjoy having a quiet night in. Online you enjoy meeting people with similar interests but you also use the web to organise your life offline.

60% extraversion

Words that describe you – Outgoing, friendly, action-oriented, attention seeking


This refers to the way that you manage your interactions with others and express your opinions. People who share your interests would describe themselves as: easy to get along with.

You’re considerate agreeable and friendly and believe others to be fundamentally decent and honest. On the web you like to introduce your friends to one another creating a cohesive social group.

71% agreeableness

Words that describe you – empathetic, considerate, generous, friendly


This refers to the way that you cope with, and respond to, life’s demands. People who’ve said they like similar things to you have described themselves as: generally calm.

You only feel emotional or stressed out when you believe the situation warrants it. On the web you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve because you’re too busy making things happen.

60% stability

Words that describe you – relaxed, calm, stable, positive.


Eu am facut chestionarul prin facebook.

La varianta cu raspuns la chestionar, mi-a iesit asa:

– 69% openess

– 61% conscientiousness

– 30% extraversion

Someone who prefers low-key occasions with a few close friends. You aren’t afraid of large parties – you just don’t enjoy them. The web gives you the chance to spend time with people who share your interests in a less pressured environment.

– 44% agreeableness

Someone who gets along with others well – especially once they’ve proved themselves to be trustworthy. You have a healthy scepticism about others’ motives although you basically consider them to be honest and decent. Online you probably avoid controversial issues unless they’re particularly close to your heart.

– 57% stability


In afara de procrastination, nu recunosc nimic!

Glumesc, mai aproape de adevar sunt cele de la chestionar (curios ce draguta ma vede feisbucu’).

6 thoughts on “Cum ma vede internetul pe mine

  1. Mie mi-a placut ff mult ! Si s-a si potrivit ! Singur lucru la care nu s-a nimerit e ca a zis ca exista sanse sa am sub 26 de ani, dar nu-i nimic ca asa sunt eu mai imatur din fire oricum. Masina care mi se potriveste mie cel mai mult este Ferrari si pe locul 2 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo !! Si are si “gaydar” ca mi-a recomandat si un site pt gay !! Cred ca si-a dat seama pt ca am ales ca imi place sa ascult muzica cu Lady Gaga !

  2. P.S. A nimerit-o pana si in legatura cu comportamentul meu on line fiind mai superficial din fire, desi a zis ca sunt deschis si extrovert si curios din fire ! Mie si parintele Galeriu, (pe bune), mi-a zis cand aveam 14 ani (cand m-a trimis bunica o data sa ma spovedesc inainte de Paste la biserica sf Silvestru unde activa el pe atunci, si eu in loc sa ma spovedesc l-am luat imediat la intrebari despre ce rost are sa te spovedesti asa o data pe an in mod organizat, ca si cum ai putea sa-ti speli pacatele de pe un an intreg printr-o singura confesiune, si nu e mai bine oare sa iti marturisesti pacatele asa mai des, ca e risc sa se acumuleze prea multe + e oarecum risc de ipocrizie !), si mi-a zis, drept raspuns, ca e bine ca sunt curios din fire si pun acest fel de intrebari, de atunci consider aceasta curiozitate o calitate ! M-am emotionat asa de tare cand m-a complimentat, ca am si uitat sa ii dau banii pe care mi-i daduse bunica sa ii dau cadou pt serviciul de spovedanie, dar nu cred ca s-a suparat, ca se vedea pe fata lui ca nu era din ala ranchiunos sau spagar din fire ! De atunci, desi ma tot bate gandul sa parasesc religia crestin ortodoxa si sa ma convertesc la altceva, (ca oricum fusesem botezat crestin ortodox fara sa ma intrebe nimeni nici pe mine nici pe parintii mei), am asa o retinere, efectiv din respect pt parintele Galeriu, si am tot amanat sa ma convertesc oficial la religia pe care o doresc eu.

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