Nu sunt singura de pe lume

I’ve always had a daydream of being a lighthouse keeper, absolutely alone, with no one to interrupt my reading or just sitting—and although such dreams are sternly dismissed at 16 or so, they always haunt one a bit, I suppose.

Elizabeth Bishop
Letter to Robert Lowell
27th July 1960

3 thoughts on “Nu sunt singura de pe lume

  1. Îmi plac filmele fantasy. Nu-mi plac neapărat porcii de pluṣ, castingul pe diversitate sau Jason Momoa dar în Slumberland (Netflix 2022) avem un far, vise ṣi auroră boreală. Ah, ṣi doorknobs (am colecție pinterest).

  2. Plus: “The Porer lighthouse was built in 1833, not far from Istria in Croatia in the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea, and can now be rented for a relatively small amount of money”.

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