Pistimeea alunga renii cu o mătură deghizată în dovlecei iar Escolastica Chong declama pe o scenă improvizată partituri cu țigani și copii interiori.

Era și o soră pe acolo, și o vecina ce părea că-și pierduse drumul.

Rochie fulg-de-nea, plajă cu nisip negru și flori suav-otrăvitoare de leandru.

Ce e asta?

E vorba despre adevaratele noastre nume, long story. Cineva m-a dat de gol cum ca numele meu ar fi Pistimeea Agafonova, cea care a a alungat un ren cu mătura, cand venise sa mizdrească florile. Altcineva s-a gandit ca seman mai mult a Escolastica Chong. Faza cu sora, țiganii si fulgul de nea e la derută. Dar leandrii roz-alb sunt reali, pe plaja cu nisip neagru din Lavagna, Italia, Marea Ligurică

despre ratări şi angoase… cârpe de praf, stropi pe geam, gânduri insomniace… culori, clinchete, minuni mici…

De ce sunt o gospodina ratata

Partea I

Partea II

Partea III

Partea IV

Partea V

Partea VI

Cei mai exotici vizitatori au poposit din Chahar Mahall va Bakhtiari, Islamic Republic of Iran; Piura Peru; Handia, Uttar Pradesh India; Paola Malta; Asaka Saitama Japonia si Dubayy Dubai.

Cel mai incitant vizitator (pentru ca si citeste): Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Cel care mi-a starnit curiozitatea cel mai mult, pentru ca aparut de mai multe ori: Ile de France (de pe langa Paris, Franta).

Din SUA am bifat statele: New Mexico, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Washington, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arizona, Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Oregon.

Dublin Irlanda cred ca m-a gasit ca am eu linc la magicairlanda.

Din Italia au venit din Lombardia, Sicilia, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Veneto.

Cate o singura vizita din Suedia, Danemarca, Polonia, Lituania, Australia, Ungaria, Olanda, Grecia.

Apoi Roma, Paris, Londra, Lisabona, Madrid, Atena, Budapesta.

Din Spania multi vizitatori, sunt multi romani pe acolo.

Din Germania muuulti vizitatori (sau or fi doi si aceeasi). De cate ori intra cineva de langa Ulm ma gandesc ca s-ar putea sa fie verisoara mea, cea cu poeziile preferate, copiate de mine la “Poeme de la altii”. E vorba de Mihaela Andreescu (Mentuta ii spunem noi).

Aproape de inima: Chisinau, Nisporeni si Balti din Moldova

Ii salut cu caldura pe amicii sau cunoscutii din Ontario, Quebec, Munchen, Leiden, Bruxelles, California, Oregon care poposesc o clipa in “bucataria mea” sa mai citeasca.


706. Diatomaceous debris.

705. “Pog mo thoin” or “Kiss my ass” (Irish Gaelic).

704. Let’s not discuss.

703. I could cut a star out of paper and drop it.

702. “If I seem to you to have lavender lips under the leaves of the world, I must tighten my belt”

701. Et vous, êtes-vous un 3lues?

700. I always nap on couches. Or sit.

699. La luna vive en el revestimiento de tu piel (Pablo Neruda).

698. Rumore della notte.

697. Angel (retired).

696. Don’t buy me a coffee.

695. Be your own drum circle.

694. Boring music is for boring people.

693. Je vivrai cent mille ans.

692. Here to make friends like I’m on PornHub to watch the plumber fix the sink.

691. Foi de caprifoi cu lapte.

690. Blog în care cad dude.

689. I hope you think of me when it rains.

688. Pure il silenzio della notte fa rumore.

687. I have hands that touch the wrong things.

686. And so, being young and dip in folly, I fell in love with melancholy.” (E.A. Poe)

685. You look at tree, he listens to you. (Bill Neidjie)

684. Stray dog freedom.

683. Everything happens for no reason.

682. It’s not raining men aleluia.

681. End of the end of the world.

680. Men need yogurt too.

679. Maudlin melancholic misanthrope.

678. Salmagundi.

677. A habit of being.

676. I am a different person to different people. Annoying to one. Talented to another. Quiet in general. Imaginative to a few. I am who I am who I am.

676. Anything on the mind of the Sphere.

675. I can’t be tamed yet.

674. Tombent les lettres mortes au pied de l’arbre des impossibles.

673. Sharp as teeth and stars.

672. The Dasai-Schick correlation.

671. I am not Kim.

670. A turtle’s salon du the.

696. A little lost but I’ll be fine, I will let behind the pantry full of ordinary brooms.

695. The art of slow living.

694. I have been a fortune teller.

693. Io qui non vengo a risolvere nulla. Sono venuto solo per cantare e per farti cantare con me. (Pablo Neruda)

692. I am a snobbish misanthrope and people are usually too dumb to notice it.

691. Dwell in possibility.

690. Suspiria.

689. You are a Sunday porch and feel like everything was happening.

688. The musings of a plain mind.

687. She slipped between the crack.

686. Aberrare humanum est.

685. Mordant aux citrons d’or de l’idéal amer.

684. Les floraisons de l’esprit.

683. So-so, so, so, so-so sorry.

682. Monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo.

681. To your mad world just a word: I refuse!

680. My Lucifer is lonely.

679. Red pines and road signs.

678. If you are very very quiet you can hear the clouds rub against the sky (Raul Gutierrez)

677. No beer reviews.

676. Woman with no past.

675. Winter exists and winter is never away enough.

674. Mythology of green.

673. The king in yellow.

672. Everything you can imagine is real (Albus Dumbledore)

671. Cries a lot about cartoons. During commercials,

670. Dark and cold and cloudy grey, wildly tender is thy music (Emily Brontë)

669. Loneliness, that vast silhouette of love, rose up around us like a hedge maze, a great conditional tense.

668. Terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata.

667. Émois numériques.

666. We will never be here again.

665. A lady who likes to disappear.

664. Woman with Blond Armpit Combing Her Hair by the Light of the Stars by Joan Miro

663. Be a seashore.

662. La fuga inspiegabile.

661. Hic et nunc.

660. Too old for this website, too young to stop fixating on fictional characters.

659. Aspiring classicist and engineer.

658. At thirty, having become an uncomfortable mixture of future and past, it is a thing to be looked at only when the sun is high and the world full of warmth and optimism (P.G. Wodehouse). Dar la 50? Ho ho ho.

657. Time destroys the fictions of error and opinion, while it confirms the determinations of nature and of truth (Cicero)

656. For some reason, I wanted to dance to the night’s jazz rhythm (Janette Turner Hospital – You Gave Me Hyacinths)

655. So Chinese dukes must walk of an evening, stopping to smell an hibiscus, casually reciting a couplet that sounds like notes on a zither, about another hibiscus centuries before, an hibiscus in a classical poem which had made the poet think of a noble woman, a jade owl, and a warrior’s ghost on the frontiers maintained against the barbarian hordes (Guy Davenport from “The Chair,” Apples and Pears and Other Stories“)

654. It’s calm under the waves in the blue of my oblivion (Fiona Apple, congrats for the Grammy 2021)

653. Weronika Dudka was here!

652. Birds hushed asleep by the silence of the lake.

651. Brown eye brows.

650. Storm in a teacup.

649. Rain washed soul.

648. Ho passato la vita come un nomade alzando la tenda nel cuore degli altri.

647. Born to be flâneuse & epicurean. But ended as a blatant dull sedentary middle-age lady.

646. Dans le jardin de Maica Domnului îți trebuie gumari, logique! (am trișat, asta-i de pe feisbuc)

645. A journey doesn’t need reasons (Corto Maltese)

644. What a blessing to be moved by anything at all.

643. I am so so. (K. Wierzbicki)

642. Viajera sin domicilio existencial.

641. Hither and thither.

640. Cockaignesque.

639. Lady Beatrix, Dame of quinces.

638. House of Want, House of Futility, House of Consequence and House of Monogamy (Brave new world)

637. Hi my name is Madelin and I adore long walks to the fridge.

636. Love each other or perish.

635. Yikes.

634. Take three deep breaths, the moon knows.

633. Fuit Dóminus cum Ioseph, et dedit ei grátiam.

632. Guitarras y dragones.

631. File not found.

630. The poetical works of John Milton in autumn.

629. Și-au trăit fericiți ca-ntr-o reclamă la pensii private, până la sfârșitul pauzei publicitare (Mijomir Meju aka Gavagai Regele Nepalului)

628. Eu, cocoșul…

627. Isten hozott kedves vándor.

626. I’m going to bed and I don’t want to be married anymore. (Her)

625. On n’échappe pas aux rêves, et on ne peut pas les laisser sur les draps de son lit quand on se réveille. On peut essayer. Mais ils vous suivent à pas feutrés. Ils respirent, et vous le sentez (Susan Fletcher)

624. One doesn’t always have to speak (Hanna Arendt)

623. In the praise of shadows.

622. The smell of the river.

621. All clocks keep the same cadence, all nights have the same stars (Federico Garcia Lorca)

621. Try a little tenderness (Otis Redding)

619. Suddenly my soul is startled by the howl of an ape (Tai Li)

618. And the wind did howl and the wind did blow La la la la la La la la la lee A little bird lit down on Henry Lee.

617. Romeo loved Juliet, Juliet she felt the same. When he put his arms around her,hHe said, “Julie baby you’re my flame” (tot Peggy Lee)

616. Fever isn’t such a new thing, fever started long time ago (Peggy Lee)

615. Our wit is come from the seawave’s roar, the stars, and the stinging hail (Vernon Watkins)

614. The lives of a superfluous man.

613. When you are alone in your lonely room, and there’re nothing, but the smell of her perfume, don’t you feel like crying? (Solomon Burke)

612. Death of pale horse.

611. No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself” (Virginia Woolf) 

610. I’m Madelin. Wake up!

609. No, thank you.

618. The shy squirrel.

617. Oh, crêpe!

616. Ce bine că sunt.

615. Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance (Carl Sandburg)

614. Sanchi!

613. Keep left and mind the gap.

612. Închis temporal.

611. I used to love. I still do but I used to, too. (parafrazându-l pe Groucho Marx)

610. Dolce-amaro far niente.

609. The objectified mermaid.

608. Sunsets are relaxing.

607. You’re welcome (la coadă la vaccin)

606. Innuendo înainte și înapoi.

605. Keeping it neutral.

604. I want to make ordinary-but-just-a-little-special treats!

603. What strikes my fancy?

602. Frunze cad cum cade lacrima (tot Feli)

601. Nu știu de ce-mi zâmbești așa frumos și îmi promiți iar, c-o să-mi aduci vată pe băț și stele căzătoare-n dar. (Feli)

600. It’s not that simple.

599. The fool in tarot times.

598. I read lips’ words.

597. A war love letter. Like a regular letter, but of love.

596. We sat grown quiet at the name of love (William Butler Yeats)

595. Let’s be friends and grab some coffee and breakfast food.

594. My friends call me annoying, but you can call me Roni.

593. I don’t find the goddess in me.

592. Reminiscing by the pond.

591. Inside the spirals, weeee!

590. One clear day.

589. I’m fluttersome.

588. Sleeps diagonally.

587. Les p’tits bonheurs.

586. Where the wild thyme blows.

585. For tangible. For ineffable. For infinity. For discovery. For knowledge.

584. I need to kill someone inside me (Clarice Lispector)

583. Unexpected intrusions of beauty. This is what life is (Saul Bellow)

582. Rude awakening.

581. btw, I should warn you: this film contains hats.

580. Get up and go!

579. Old but gold.

578. Tea with Mrs. Whistling Kettle.

577. This is an ancient song. It gives me nostalgia, this music (Michael Chabon)

576. Let the hippocampus swim in ethereal ethanol.

575. It gets late early around there.

574. There are 12 distinct types of rainbows. One is entirely red.

573. Still life with asparagus.

572. Le contenu d’une cacahuète est suffisant pour que deux amis puissent la partager (Proverbe du Burkina Faso)

571. John 1:16

570. Kind of random but mostly planned.

569. The leo is all in the mind.

568. I’m being perfectly fucking civil.

567. H is for hawk.

566. Un regard oblique.

565. May we raise children who love the unloved things–the dandelion, the worms and spiderlings (via apoemaday)

564. So why does poetry suffocate on its own breath? (Halina Poświatowska)

563. An accumulation of inconsequential notices.

562. It’s all about well and discipline.

561. One should not believe but understand (Hubert Revees)

560. Frog and toad together. We need to talk. Yes we need.

559. Crush cul-de-sac.

558. I don’t find a wild woman inside me.

557. I am waiting for the green mornings to come again (Lawrence Ferlinghetti (March 24, 1919 – February 22, 2021)

556. Walk softly in the garden.

555. Boring music for boring people.

554. Sunt ca o floare a soarelui cu sufletul ca un curcubeu (Dana Marijuana)

553. Mellon Collie.

552. Déchiquetait mes rêves.

551. Fragmentacy.

550. To the dark, dark seas comes the only whale. Singing.

549. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” (Anaïs Nin, azi e ziua ei)

548. All the streets are warm today.

547. flotsam and jetsam that scintillates him regardless.

546. Wee hee ha hoo.

545. Why are you lonely? Because socialization sucks.

544. Righteousness will prevail.

543. Can’t order pizza anymore island.

542. Nihilist with a good imagination.

541. The moon is hanging over the sea, meaningless but full of messages (Louise Gluck)

540. Out of the forest I come with my flowers, singing, all alone (Carol Ann Duffy)

539. Don’t worry, we will find a way.

538. That we live in a society not in a economy. (lessons learned 2020)

537. When did the moon ever wax and wane? (Ping Hsin)

536. Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun the frumious Bandersnatch! twas!

535. Mănânc madlene pe pâine.

534. Crystal blue persuasion.

533. The queen agreed to audit you.

532. Atât! și o cană cu vin.peace of mind and heart arrives when we accept what is: having been born into this strange life we must accept the wasted gamble of our days and take some satisfaction in the pleasure of leaving it all behind” (Charles Bukowski, beat sau treaz)

531. The loneliness of the solitude. Invers e cam de porc.

530. I am a museum full of art but you had your eyes shut. Poezie, milk and honey.

529. Oisiveté culpabilisatrice (via tournevole)

528. And I began to let him go. Hour by hour. Days into months. It was a physical sensation, like letting out the string of a kite. Except that the string was coming from my center (Augusten Burroughs, You better not cry)

527. Hand me a river.

526. En esta cámara, a veces el eco precede a la voz (Severo Sarduy)

525. Prăjituri pentru îngeri (31 ianuarie, 2 februarie, 2021, Tina)

524. The curtains were fucking blue.

523. Dandelioane pe câmpii, hai să le adunăm copii!

52. My kimono holds memories of future journeys.

521. It’s rare to find someone U can vibe with. (Kiki, prietena lui Totoro)

520. Lunatecă.

519. The beginning of the war will be secret.

518. Viața e scurt.

516. Ceai de tei deasupra noastra o sa curga rânduri, rânduri.

515. Au innebunit salcâmii!

514. Let’t carpe diem.

513. Some people feel the rain, other just get wet – asta-i seacă rău!

512. I am perfectly satisfied with an average life.

511. Musings from an inappropriate and complicate woman.

510. I am Madelin…daughter, sister (not of mercy), wife (imperfect), mother (imperfect), friend (imperfect), and NOT Christ follower. ♥

509. I miss reading email from you, you said in your mind. I would miss reading emails from me too, I’m fabulous, I said in my mind.

508. Drifting and drizzling.

507. Interventions of the unreal & other absurd camouflaging techniques are futile.

506. Time travellers never die. Not even by being incredible bored.

505. Saving a little craziness for menopause.

504. I am still you.

503. My name is Madelin and I am a 100 year old woman with not so many hats.

502. The purpose will come to me later.

501. Postfactum, artefactum.

500. Color my mind.

499. La locura del duende.

498. Afară se deztunecă (via Iren Curtea Veche)

497. Five o’clock. Time for mi.

496. Don’t catch a falling knife.


494. Yes, things could have been better but we’re not thinking about hair.

493. The Doors: „Show me the way to the next whisky bar / Oh, don’t ask why, oh, don’t ask why…

492. Unlove me.

491. I need to fuzz.

490. I’m 45 and still in a bud.

489. Clean kids get sick and die.

488. Bugambilias. Ca să ţin minte odată pentru totdeauna florile astea.

487. Upward, Not Westward.

486. Forget the selfies, show us your shelfies.

485. My soul and its travellin’ shoes.

484. But still you’re hands are tight.

483. Hai să şifonăm cearceaful, îî spuse Barbie lui Ken, căscând.

482. I speak fluently in books’ first lines.

481. Green cats rolling around and around.

480. I love you with all my ass. I would say “my heart” but my ass is bigger (Aunty Acid)

479. It’s a good day to have a good day.

478. Cum să te dezinstalez din veaţa mea? (rombilici)

477. Go ahead, make my day!

476. Formerly dance-floor.

475. Sunt sunetul unui neon care se aprinde într-un birou gol.

474. Stars fall on my Lavandia country-soul.

473. Allergic to average.

472. Dragostea se face cu fluturi. (din ciclul: adolescente pe tumblr).

471. Simt melancolie. Nu contează. (din ciclul: adolescente pe tumblr). 

470. Be wild and have 96 funs.

469. “I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” ― Henry David Thoreau.

468. I’m gonna rain on your parade. (via Duffy).

467. Mă tem că je t’ or m’aime.

466. Save the potential water, shower together în gând.

465. Miserupisme şi unicorni şaşii.

464. “Sunt mai singură decât un taximetrist” (din ciclul adolescente pe tumblr)

463. “someone asked me what home was and all i could think of were the stars on the tip of your tongue, the flowers sprouting from your mouth, the roots entwined in the gaps between your fingers, the ocean echoing inside of your ribcage.” – e.e. cummings

462. Midday silence.

461. Stăteam în uşa trecutului.

460. Sunt ideabilă.

459. În Franţa era deja ieri.

458. There are hidden shores within us. Places we will never reach, places that will reach us instead.

457. I don’t like her a lot.

456. Miss Nobody’s imperfect but me.

455. L’instant d’une ile.

454. I’m always a little sad, even when I’m happy.

453. I’m just one trenchcoat and a pair of binoculars away from being a full-fledged creepo. My “people” skills are “rusty”. Enjoy my multifandom madness. My name was Vera.

452. Lilacs and wild ducks.

451. You have someone with whom to reminisce about ‘the good old days.

450. Happiness is acceptable.

449. Very early in my life it was too late! (Marguerite Duras)

448. I lost my swing, Adele!

447. Collecting sea shells on a cold autumn day and putting them back.

446. Put a jazz band on my mind.

445. Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.

444. Aprilie-n vanilie.

443. Like a pond without frogs.

442. Mi s-a rupt. Mi se va rupe. Prezentul?

441. I don’t belong.

440. Ce dracu vrei?

439. “The rain fell slow, down on all the roofs of uncertainty. I thought of you and the years and all the sadness fell away from me”

438. Not sleeping in the hyperspace and in between.

437. Complicated archive.

436. Home alone. Eating Jethro Floyd and listening to some walnuts ice-cream.

435. I’m the rabbit and I’m not going to dig another fucking hole.

434. Noptile incertitudinilor din tara minunilor mici.

433. Mai nimicurile zilei.

432. Indubitably indeed.

431. A girl who lives in a blue dot.

430.  scrisori-de-sertar aime ce billet.

429. You can buy my anything.

428. Fall in love. Never return.

427. Semilost.

426. I am a lyonesse blogging on nothing ever happen.

425. There are no corners anymore.

424. Easily distracted by gaps. And naps.

423. Madéline. Librocubicularist . Astropuff. Tyrion.

422. Fiica adamantinului.

421. It smells like dark beer and blonde soap.

420. Die first and then complain.

419. The usual suspects: ketchup and mustard.

418. Une part vagabonde…

417. Perpetual goatish.

416. Rain is relative. But I love coffee.

415. Whenever I scroll, I scroll, nene.

414. Be a watersummer.

413. They said she slept in a hammock and understood poems in heart, but her family denied both stories.

412. Jazzying my mind.

411. Welcome to my home, said the spider to the fly.

410. Coincidence’s prophet.

409. Volevo un gatto indeciso.

408. I’ve got birds an the brain and freckles on the thoughts.

407. There’s always a new day somewhere.

406. I sleep you.

405. You kissed me at hello.

404. Error.

403. Zorile vinete.

402. on Wednesday we wear pink! that guy.

401. Nu uita sa fii uituca!

400. Deconstructing the confusion.

399. Romanian, green eyes, old enough.

398. Les temps sont durs pour le reveurs.

397. Right was wrong. Again.

396. Shoes of my soul.

395. We meet no ordinary people in our lives (C.S.Lewis). Except the chimney sweepers.

394. All bears are equal. But not always.

393. I am THE escapist per-se.

392. Open your dreams and dare to eye. Sau invers.

391. Our life is a sentence of perpetual solitary confinement.

390. Color my life with dozen of chaos.

389. Where are you going? I’m going out of my mind.

388. You have a whole life to live, and you choose to live it without us.

387. Tonight, your letters reduce history to a guess.

386. I’m manolescent.

385. Marche sous la pluie.

384. Physicists need love too.

383. Twisted lady with a nice mind. Sau invers.

382. One day I will be able to write more about it.

381. What are you doing? I’m zeroing.

380. I am your one and lonely; only when you’re lonely.

379. Nobody likes dirty socks.

378. On the other side of the life.

377. Old enough to know better, but perhaps I’ll never learn.

376. Yesterday will be a fairy tale. Or tomorrow was. I’m confused.

375. Tears will tear us apart.

374. Always look at the bright side of death.

373. I think I need to be quiet.

372. We wished upon parallel lines.

371. Tal vez en otro tiempos fuimos libelulas.

370. I’m in a New York state of mind. Or maybe Lyon.

369. Once upon a memory.

368. I love koala bears too.

367. Dreaming dreams with never endings.

366. Coming back me.

365. Marche sous la niege.

364. Alonelitude.

363. Stop and relax. Mostly stop.

362. Aziz is bored but for me it’s not that easy.

361. It’s a long lesson.

360. Life as Mădă.

359. I love office supplies. PostIts the most.

358. I’m nobody. And who are you?

357. I am a nine million and something things but no bicycles.

356. Let’s have an interlude.

355. Steel magnolias, steel tea.

354. I’m probably not cool enough to be (t)here.

353. You think your dreams are the same as mine.

352. You and me are meant to be. Alone.

351. Incepe cu inceputul. Apoi mergi pana la sfarsit. Apoi opreste-te.

350. A quiet sense of dust.

349. Make honey not money.

348. Voodoo, then hoodo.

347. A not-so-young mechanical dreamer looking for some excitement, some enthusiasm and a glass of  wine.

346. My incomfortable sky is neverending.

345. Elle farts but she also arts.

344. You forgot to kiss my soul.

343. Je hawkward.

342. Call me maybe.

341. Nonsense, words, sampanie samd

340. You are in my inappropriate thoughts.

339. Unstranger me!

338. I’m dreamer ready to be a drummer.

337. Hi, my name is Medellin and I like you among other things.

336. I’m not really a hipster but I use microwave quite often.

335. Don’t be sad, don’t be blue. Frankenstein was ugly too.

334. I want to have a better yesterday.

333. We have to rain away!

332. Don’t think everything you believe.

331. Like a fucking dream on ritalin.

330. The best things in life aren’t things and just happen.

329. Whatever you do, be me!

328. I am wearing seaglasses to play incognito.

327. and the day come when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom (Anais Nin).

326. Nothing is accidental. Except us.

325. Dancing in the woods, dancing in the moons.

324. I am the lover of the cinnamon peeler. You are his wife.

323. Irrelevance is almost everything.

322. Nothing is plain and simple, until you closely take a look. Or distantly.

321. I can humiliate or humor. My choice.

320. Her dress was impressed.

319. Mumbling around.

318. Home is wherever I am with me.

317. Chasing stars under my pillow.

316. Simply me. No guarantees. Adica fara termen de garantie, zau asa.

315. “Until the handkerchief of history covers us with its Times New Roman black and white post script…”

314. If you want to be happy, be. Or maybe C.

313. Welcome to today

312. An inherent sense of distance-loveliness.

311. Rehearsing the beginning of the rest of my life. Over and over.

310. The life and times of a non-Madeleine.

309. Down in the valley with ţuica rivers.

308. I love you till the back and moon.

307. We live some fuckin’-flying times.

306. If you are a bird, I’m a bird.

305. Idiosocratizii.

304. Idei vagi, imagini clare. Sau viteversa?

303. A very imperious (not serious) blog about anything.

302. Trying to focus on focusing.

301. I am a nine million and thirteen things.

300. Bless my empty soul.

299. I need you stupidly.

298. Careful with that axiome, Eugene!

297. Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell ( Edna St.Vincent Millay).

296. In apararea diminetilor de joi.


I’m only happy when it rains.

I’m walking on sunshine.

I’m the only one.

I’m still standing.

I’m like a bird.

I’m no angel.

I’m easy like Sunday morning.

I’m gonna be starting something.

I am unfinished on a lot of things.

I’m not kidding but sometimes.

I’m a green eyed girl.

I’m finding beauty in hidden places.

I’m the girl next door. 

I am what I am.

I’m into (totally falling) you.

294. A page full of je t’aime’s for you. I know U should have said it more.

293. Old enough to know better… and worse.

292. I am an undiscovered artist. Let’s un-discover and be friends.

291. Not available, sorry! I’m walking my unicorn.

290. I just want to exist. Do more? Why would I do something like that?

289. I is alive.

288. While you were yet unlovable, I loved you.

287. You can move me if you want to (and  a mountain too) (Ingrid Michaelson)

286. I have a lot of issues, but I’m still probably a lot like you.

285. Complicated misunderstood trust-able being.

284. It was blissful oblivion, better than firewhiskey.

283. Try not to miss me when I’ll come.

282. Un coeur qui bat aritmic si asistolic.

281. Nevinovatie diabolique.

280. Beware of people carrying horses.

279. Copy me a copy.

278. It means whatever you want to mean.

277. I love you just the way I am.

276. Straluceste ca o stea, viseaza ca un copil, zboara ca o pasare. Cine, cine?

275. Bailo con indiferencia. Si, es en español. Si no entiendes, busca un traductor.

274. C(r)onically confused.

273. Socially inept, mostly irrelevant, internetician dumb.

272. I am a silenced opinionated contrarian.

271. Que gostaria de tener: tu.

270. Bitches and stitches.

269. To feel peculiar and to not know it.

268. So then decided, after a northern exposure, to measure the distance to here; and to write, in between, a smoking story about a hippogryph.

267. I’m sell(ing) fish.

266. Desire for y☼u.

265. When life give me lemons, I wear yellow. Wen life gives me melons, I’m kinda dyslexic.

264. I’m a bit of a nerd, really.

263. Beautiful nothingness to prepare for.

262. Me? A collection of thoughts from under my sofa.

261. In this far land beneath the trees.

260. Goodbye, my almost lover.

259. Let’s sin away.

258. Slowly recapturing my confidence, just in time to play it loose.

257. Lazy, irritatingly quiet, grumpy, proud, stubborn, ironic, sarcastic, not sociable…in one word: imperfectly perfect XX!

256. You’re my best kept secret. I’m not.

255. Trying to have a conversation with my inner demons.

254. As vrea sa fiu semnul de exclamare din veatza ta.

253. Feelings, words, things. Stuff.

252. I’m a collection of organic molecules rarely called Madelin.

251. The more you don’t talk to me, the more I don’t hear U.

250. Inner sarcastic saying Hi!

249. Waiting for the time when my superior talent for procrastination develops feasible earning potential.

248. Let’s make a pixel reunion.

247. Sunt ceea ce urmeaza dupa punct si virgula.

246. A train ticket for my far away, please.

245. Almost here.

244. I dedicate this blog to whatever.

243. Different day, same shining shit.

242. If it happens it doesn’t mean it’s true.

241. Notas de papel electronico.

240. Procrastinating the procrastination.

239. Auspiciousness smiling at clouds.

238. Looking for magic Lee Cooper boots. Not in Kansas anymore.

237. I’m an anxious forty something something.

236. Everything happens for no reason at all.

235. Genetically yours.

234. Let’s be a lemon lullaby.

233. I’m hazing and auditing.

232. I need fluffy things and hugs.

231. Seeking moonlights as a burlesque performance artist.

230. Muddy the dummy.

229. Perpendicular pe Univers. Paralel cu lunabetiluna.

228. Deal with me! because is hard to dal with everything else.

227. Not Ivy. Not Big League.

226. I talk in a daze, I walk in a maze. Evangelina Agafonova.

225. I do not understand why I do not understand me.

224. Je m’apelle Florette.

223. I am loving. It hurts like hell.

222. I tell what ought to be truth.

221. Don’t stop wondering. The truth is irrelevant.

220. Desert deserter.

219. Sa ne jucam pititea printre mesteceni.

218. Around the sweet sea, wearing whimsical thoughts.

217. I’d be a fairycake.

216. I am one of those people who is stuck in a future that isn’t theirs.

215. Yesterday away from you.

214. I have a passion for stuff I can’t have.

213. The nuclear force is strong with this hadron.

212. Je m’appelle Madeleine virtuelle.

211. I want rains and silences.

210. Wild apple girl. Bitter black cherries girl. Low acid pineapple girl.

209. It’s OK to be hot. Or not.


207. I am so tired that I’ll pretend I am ridiculous.

206. They don’t listen to me, they don’t hear me, they don’t see me (Lev Tolstoi). So I read. So I listen. So I write. So I am.

205. I want to be a word. I would be abstract with an inscrutable ending” (from Anna Moschovakis)

204. God give me serenity not to kill every single one of these motherfuck*rs.

203. No reasons here, except one I find amusing.

202. Less is more. More or less.

201. Sail away with me. The road is enough.

200.  A La Carpa é uma estamparia com pretensão de não ser só uma estamparia.

199. You an I walk a fragile line.

198. i’m a typical cancer – feminine, sensitive, moody, romantic and overall a mixture between toughness and softness.

197. I love anything folksy, kitschy, hippie, gypsy, eclectic, collectable, wearable and otherwise plain awesome.

196. Me: a little bit of something-something.

195. I really, really, really want warm fuzzy feelings.

194. Peacefully crying a river. (in the sower, of course).

193. Imaginary collector of porcelain.

192. I want to smell like a fairy tale.

191. Hopeless is overrated.

190. Spiral staircases rulz.

189. Do you have a notion about me?

188. We are made from pixie dust.

187. Fickle heart, woozy eyes.

186. My barefoot mind.

185. The future will be confusing. So shall I.

184. I don’t swear because I’m a fucking lady.

183. In pursuit of quietness.

182. L’informazione che non può essere trovata non è informazione, è discarica. Deci io.

181. Lavender summer and lilac dreams.

180. Somehow educated domestic goddess.

179. These are infinite fragmented waves of madeline.

178. Somewhere over the river blue.

177. Author of that much-admir’d blog of gosporata and also of PostIts (musai colorate); including such thoughts and observations too long for twitter and too short for woofer or long reads.

176. Let me be the hat for your magical rabbit.

175. I need something life in my new.

174. Life is a series of busy little nothings.

173. Just having an ominous feeling.

172. I am e nerd of traveling.

171. I am the schwa from forgettable (the faint vowel sound in many unstressed syllables in the English language. It is signified by the pronunciation “uh” and represented by the symbol upside down e. For example, the e in overlook, the a in forgettable, and the o in run-of-the-mill. It is the most common vowel sound in the English language)

170. Tanned hair and tanned hair. Skin will follow.

169. Bitterstrange and soft.

168. Once upon a boring time.

167. There is such thing as magic, you muggle!

166. Wait! Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Nope. It’s a flying fuckin’ don’t give a damn.

165. Be smart but never show it in excess!

164.Tiny particles of a very large love.

163. Heart pumpkin blood.

162. Excuse me, which level of hell is the life after 20 years and 5 months?

161. I am insanely normal.

160. Nerd? I prefer intellectual bad ass.

159. Skygazer imaginar.

158. Hello, my name is Madelin and there is always something on my mind.

157. Francomocofana!

156. Je suis une fille du rien.

155. I love books better than people. I like you better than books.

154. I’ll be the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet.

153. Honey, lemon and flying giraffes

152. Be my soul maid ’cause’; just ’cause.

151. Will me marry you? Probably yes.

150. I was the nerd, I was the hufflepuff, I eas the lonely. Now it’s time to be the inadequate.

149. Dreamin’ is readin’ with closed eyes. Sau viceversa.

148. The owl eyes differs from each other.

147. Oh, Mr. Pepper, are my eyes too green for photos?

146. People should fall in love with their mouth closed.

145. So much letter tonight.

144. Life is a long story. We are not done yet!

143. Don’t snow on my inner parade!

142. Long word and interior insecurities.

141. Oh, darling, let’s be ever after forever.

140. Faith make all things possible, foe example shoes.

139. Dance first think later.

138. How much bliss is sufficient bliss?

137. Area of dezinters.

136. Sometimes I owl.

135. Beautiful thing with tentacles.

134. A reunion of intrinsec pieces from last soul floating towards the sun of nothing.

133. I’m a monster. Don’t save me just eat me.

132. I love grapes and you.

131. This oak tree and me, we’re made of the same stuff. Oak!

130. The future belongs to the tree hugers.

129. Faith and fairy dust.

128. I like to bite my nails then trying bite them not.

127. Bumbling, babbling, bunch of baboons. And unicorns too!

126. Aliquots for the masses! In defense of science!

125. I have taken fortytwo turns around the sun. I live in no-men’s-land.

124. This morning I had a menage a… what’s French for 12?

123. My stupid little blog.

122. E = MC Hammer

121. This blog is the never ending battle between the left and left hemispheres of my brain.

120. Love Equals Quantum Entanglement Squared.

119.  Have a Higgs Boson! silly ideas like LHC gijinka cosplay. Obsesses over: the Large Hadron Collider, […] Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2)

118. I am so huflepuff that hurts!

117. You are the loveliest girl in the woods.

116. Home is where they catch you when you fall.

115. Sometimes I love Pierre. l.e. Not anymore.

114. La dolce vita. And don’t forget nucsoara.

113. I love each and every me & you.

112. Flowers in her eyes and love in her hair.

111. Mayor of unbelievable nonexistent free-of-ghosts town.

110. You can reach me Lyonesse via Plostina.

109. We are the dreamers of dreams.

108. Running towards nothing.

107. I think therefore I think.

106. Aqualiciouss dreams.

105. Music is important. Dance 2.

104. I’ve developed a thing for giraffes.

103. I myselfing the love.

102. Smile! Tomorrow I’ll tell you to smile again.

101. Go make your own welcomes. And waffles. Napolitane, that is.

100. Madder than the mad hatter, aliceer than alice, rabiteer than the playful rabbit.

99. Sleepy and inconstant wander lust.

98. Please like my raining days.

97. Keep calm and remain calm.

96. This blog doesn’t have a theme. Or me.

95. It only seems kinky first time.

94. Kept outside.

93. Obsolete desolation of being sealed over the glasses.

92. Warm fuzzy feelings allowed. And free hugs. And pup, pupic si pupalau. And cuddling.

91. I’d love to transcendentally complete me.

90. Ignorance is not a bliss. It’s just ignorance.

89. Seating at the table. Mi vida y yo.

88. What a kimpertinence!

87. My mind is suspicious, my hart is naive.

86. The inner colorful world of I.

85. Officially unoriginal.

84. You know what? There are a lot of whats around here…

83. My future consist in… things that are going to happen.

82. If you have nothing to say, say.

81. There are no true knights, no more than there are gods.

80. If you are a human being, don’t be shy!

79. Lace is good. Tie’ knots too.

78. You only fucking live once, says the fucking lady.

77. Sleeping in the ocean.

76. Numerele rotunde te motiveaza sa rebloguiesti.

75. Inefabil appreciation society.

74. from meditation to masturbation, from Bordeaux to beef.

73. Bulinele cresc la lumina. Prin memoria lucrurilor urca rumegusul zilei

72. In the pursuit of talmes-balmes.

71.  Making a wave… on somebody.

70. What you see is what you see.

69. Warning: reading any further may cause bliss.

68. Jamais-vu.

67. Follow me for free.

66. It is what it is. I am who I am who i am. Wait, what?

65. Dancing mazurkas in the dark.

64. Je love te.

63. Imightbotatollywronglybutima. Don’t ask.

62. Right-handed. Right-brained. Righted.

61. Imperfectly perfect.

60. I’ll make you an offer I can’t refuse.

59. Let’s dance the life.

58. Unloved motto.

57. Graffiti and Street Art. And all kind of useless things, like afternoons, for example.

56. Let’s data-wave!

55. Lately, I have an unstoppable sympathy for donkeys.

54. Hye. Madelin. Four two. Nowhere over the rainbow. Procrastinate first. The end.

53. My name is Madelin. But you can call me Grace, if you want.

52. Don’t judge me unless you press the random button.

51. I’m searching for Neverlanding.

50. I simply love illustrators.

 49. Me I never new for sure.

 48. In search of wow.

47. I’ve always wanted to go out loud.

46. Re-blogging to piss the Universe off.

45. Sometimes I am intimate. Sometimes I am infinite. I even am inherent. Sometimes.

44. Grow a polar bead. Pet-a-pet.

43. I tuck my thoughts into a bottle.

42. Drinker of drink. Eater of eat.

41. I’m not English. And French. And Esperanto.

40. If I’m thinking it you’re probably reading it.

39. Simply aging invers.

38. “Love” is a verb. Rock’ n roll too.

37. “Smile, breathe and go slowly” from ici-colo.

36. Coffee, me, tea, sympathy, and sometimes a little nutella.

35. I support Gay rights 110% but I’m straight.

34. I can’t be goggled therefore I’m not.

33. Eclectic wanderer back.

32. When I’ve asked: can my day come any worse? note that I didn’t mean it.

31. I am trying not to want anything near a river.

30. Don’t call me Grace.

29. Obsessed with owls, elephants, bicycles, rainbows, lighthouses, colored stuff and British Gallery.

28. I am a proud not-vegan, not-pagan, too normal human being.

27. rebl.og me.

26. Rainbow. Because beige is boring. And scary!

25. I love Merlin. Dezinteresat.

24. I own nothing.

23. Missing somebody who misses me isn’t more comfortable than missing somebody who misses me not.

22. I am who I am. Your approval isn’t on it’s way.

21. I like the color cffff7.

20. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer”. Nope. With a good sleep.

19. Here we collide.

18. Save the castle, screw the princess. And the frog.

17. I blog about you?

16. Trying to feed my escapism and not getting weight.

15. Sun sign ☼ Capricorn Moon Sign ☪ lunatic.

14. Everything is going to be alright and hippie.

13. I have a thing for dandelions.

12. It’s OK to be smart. And fa(r)t.

11. I work in the City. I live in the City. Dinosaurs are awesome.

10. I’m the face you pass on a crowded sidewalk.

09. I am a lot of things. I have a lot of things. I enjoy a lot of things. I dislike a lot of things.

08. Pat si Patachon are cool.

07. I lost myself in me.

06. I don’t make typos on purpose, just new words  randomly.

05. I don’t have a crush on everybody.

04. I’m eatin’ and cheatin’. On my behalf.

03. A Ploiesti monarchist being a talmes-balmes or Jabberwock of different things.

02. I love you more than Imogen.

01. My blog speaks for me in an unforgiven language.

00. Ask me anything. No one ever ask me everything.

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